What is antabuse used for in drug treatment

Antabuse is an alcohol deterrent medication that is used in the treatment of alcoholism.

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Info about Antabuse.

Mouthwash. Colognes and perfumes. Certain prepared foods and beverages. Fermented vinegar.marinades.sauces.etc.

What is the most important information I should know about disulfiram (Antabuse)?

Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medication because he or she has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects. Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects.

Wear a medical alert tag or carry an ID card stating that you take Antabuse. Any medical care provider who treats you should know that you are using disulfiram.

When disulfiram is used as part of a treatment program for buying antabuse in the uk addiction or detoxification.your doctor may recommend that this medicine be given to you by a family member or other caregiver. This is to make sure you are using the medicine as it was prescribed as part of your treatment.

Frequency not reported . Nausea.vomiting.halitosis.metallic or garlic-like aftertaste.stomach upset [Ref]

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