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The pharmacokinetics of ropinirole have not been studied in patients with hepatic impairment.

Cases of possible fibrotic complications.including pleural effusion.pleural fibrosis.interstitial lung disease.and cardiac valvulopathy have been reported in the development program and postmarketing experience for ropinirole. While the evidence is not sufficient to establish a causal relationship between ropinirole requip price comparison these fibrotic complications.a contribution of ropinirole cannot be excluded.

Extended-release tablets. Take 2 mg by mouth once daily for 1 to 2 weeks. Doses can be increased by 2 mg/day at intervals longer than week. Not to exceed 24 mg/day.

Postmarketing reports indicate that patients may experience new or worsening mental status and behavioral changes.which may be severe.including psychotic-like behavior during treatment with REQUIP or after starting or increasing the dose of REQUIP. Other drugs prescribed to improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can have similar effects on thinking and behavior. This abnormal thinking and behavior can consist of one or more of a variety of manifestations including paranoid ideation.delusions.hallucinations.confusion.psychotic-like behavior.disorientation.aggressive behavior.agitation.and delirium.

Table 5 lists treatment-emergent adverse reactions that occurred in at least 2% of patients with Requip price comparison treated with REQUIP participating in the 12-week.double-blind.placebo-controlled trials and were numerically more common than the incidence for placebo-treated patients.

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