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Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can happen to everyone who has diabetes. Symptoms include heart rate.and feeling anxious or shaky. To quickly treat low blood sugar.always keep a fast-acting source of sugar with you such as fruit juice.hard candy.crackers.raisins.or non-diet soda.

If you have forgotten to take your diabetes pills you may take them provided it has been less than 2 hours from your dosage time. If it is more than 2 your healthcare provider. Do not take 2 doses at the next meal. If you miss a dose.note it in your purchase glucophage weight book.

Before having surgery or any X-ray/scanning procedure using iodinated contrast.tell your doctor or dentist about all the products you use (including prescription drugs.nonprescription drugs.and herbal products). You may need to stop this medication for a short time for the surgery/procedure. Ask your doctor or dentist for instructions before your surgery/procedure.

Check your blood sugar regularly as directed by your doctor. Keep track of the results.and share them with your doctor. Tell your doctor if your blood sugar measurements are too high or too low. Your dosage/treatment may need to be changed.

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the patent for the name-brand of this patent medicine, glucophage , expired years ago and as a result generic-brand competition metformin brought this patent medicine s price down so that it s relatively inexpensive, especially when compared with nearly any other medication still covered by a patent.

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