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Eprosartan moderate olanzapine may induce orthostatic hypotension and thus enhance the effects of antihypertensive agents.

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from an analysis of the laboratory data in an integrated database of 41 completed clinical studies in adult patients treated with oral olanzapine, elevated uric acid was recorded in 3 171 4641 of patients.

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long-term treatment with olanzapine plus carbamazepine resulted in a 3.

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for people with enlarged prostate in men, olanzapine may worsen symptoms of an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia bph .

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schizophrenia – overall, there was no difference in the incidence of discontinuation due to adverse reactions 5 for oral olanzapine vs 6 for placebo .

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seven pregnancies were observed during clinical trials with olanzapine, including 2 resulting in normal births, 1 resulting in neonatal death due to a cardiovascular defect, 3 therapeutic abortions, and 1 spontaneous abortion.

Stavrakaki, antochi, and emery 2004 reported a case series of 52 week olanzapine treatment in five adults and two children, most of whom had a psychiatric diagnosis in addition to asd.

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